~Q: Why don't you sell keto products?

A: Purposefully putting the body in ketosis is a relatively new phenomenon and while the short-term effects of keto in weight loss are full of anecdotal succes, we are not comfortable with the long-term consequences. Some cardiologists advocate against saying that it may damage the heart in the long run. We take no stance on this, but we only sell products that we can be 100% sure about to make sure this site stays a place where you don't need to read the labels if you don't want to.

Q: Why are you vegan-only?

A: We are not! Everyone can eat vegan products, and everyone is welcome here. There are multiple reasons as to why our products are plant-based. We dare say that it is, health-wise, radically better in almost every aspect to reduce meat and diary intake, and many athletes are switching over to a more plant-focused diet after heaps of new science and documentaries like 'The Game Changers'. Many people experience bloating, acne and inflammation due to whey products. More so, over 75% of humans on Earth are lactose intollerant, we thought it a good idea to help people find products that (at the lack of a vegan metaphor) kill many birds with one stone. It also plays very neatly together with our goal of being the most environmentally friendly retailer out there.

Q: Do you sell [insert alternative medicine product]?

A: Afraid not. It is very important to us that plant-based does not correlate to what some see as pseudo-scientific or spiritual/political practice. In fact, the driving factor for pushing vegan products is actually based on emerging peer-reviewed scientific evidence on its positive effects on the body. We are by no means against alternative medicine by default, but we will always abide by our promise to you guys: functional and healthy products only. A product we haven't gotten to research may very well be effective, but it is only when we see scientific papers documenting its effects that we will consider putting it up on the store.